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Sustainability and Energy Efficiency as Corporate Value Drivers

Adelene Anthony Senior Manager Ernst & Young Advisory Services Sdn Bhd “The most effective approach to profit-making for companies is one …

About Us

  • International Investor provides independent investor and business intelligence platforms where decision makers discover new opportunities, connect with new business partners and receive unique insights from markets leaders.
  • International Investor manages collaboration and facilitate better cooperation between leaders from the public and private sector on strategic planning and policy development, improving industry competitiveness and the business environment.
  • International Investor equips new market entrants and investors with bespoke support services, advice, a powerful, data-driven local business partner, as well as investment project search capabilities.
  • International Investor provides government policymakers, business leaders and investors with the knowledge and learning they need to support their decision making.
  • International Investor connects businesses and communicates opportunities globally with potential partners and investors to attract new business and capital.
  • International Investor has a strong global track record, working with business communities in areas such as government and national development, special economic zones and regional development, transport and logistics, telecommunications, banking and finance, mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, energy efficiency, health and wellness, and SME development.

International Investor’s role and value proposition covers connecting business leaders, providing decision-making intelligence, supporting new investors, facilitating better public-private cooperation on industry goal setting and policy planning, and strategic communication with clients and investors.

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