Strategic Review

Transitioning to an Electric and Low-carbon Public Transport System in Chile

Background Summary

In the context of growing international commitment to cut carbon emissions and decrease the role of fossil fuels in national economies worldwide, a cumulation of factors mean that electric mobility is an increasingly important area for Chilean thought leaders. Particularly in the area of public transport solutions.

Principal among these factors are the following:

  • A rapid rise in renewable energy generation.
  • Established targets for further development to support the growth of electric transport.
  • A transport sector that accounts for one third of national energy consumption.
  • An air pollution problem that could be alleviated by low-carbon transport.
  • A national mining industry which could benefit from increases in productivity and reductions in costs arising from electric vehicle usage
  • The presence of minerals in Chilean soils that are key to the manufacture of electric vehicles themselves.


A number of challenges in all global markets have historically impeded the transition to a low-carbon transport framework. These include:

  • A lack of coordination between key stakeholders.
  • The need to overcome distinct bureaucratic obstacles and delays.
  • An ability to forge cross-sectoral identification of mutual action plans.

Failure to overcome such obstacles has traditionally suffocated progress and implementation and resulted in the potential of electric mobility remaining unfulfilled.


International Investor has identified the following stakeholder groups as key to the success of electric mobility in Chile:

  • Relevant Government Ministries
  • Energy companies (generation, transmission and distribution), including renewable energy companies
  • Energy industry bodies
  • Automobile companies and relevant industry bodies
  • Public transport companies
  • Fleet managers (including commercial fleets, mining, utility, taxi fleets, bus fleets) and leasing companies
  • Freight and haulage services companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Consultancies

Session Objectives

This Strategic Review session aims to complement the work already initiated by the Chilean Government by bringing together key public and private stakeholders from the electric mobility field. The discussion will facilitate the development of cross-sectoral action points and common ground to expedite strategic goals and drive the electric mobility segment forward.

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