Strategic Review

Embracing the Digital Transformation


The third edition of the International Investor Banking Strategy Review roundtable again brought together banking industry leaders to discuss priorities, challenges, areas of potential collaboration and points of consensus in a relaxed, open, press-free environment. One goal was to build on or, at least, review some of the tentative agreements made during the previous meeting and promote action through continuity of discussion.

Some of the topics on the table were the following:

  • Mitigating risk in the digital age: finding a consensus on the scope and rapidity of change.
  • Which productivity issues must be addressed now to facilitate digital banking?
  • What can the regulatory authority do to ensure it is at the forefront of development and facilitate the new technology required for a new type of banking?
  • Cybersecurity: is industry cooperation required to create a trusted system?
  • How can innovation be stimulated to meet consumer expectations?
  • Industry image and public trust: does the industry need to collaborate in order to transmit the value of banking to Chilean society?
  • Can self-regulation help to close the gap between expectation and practice?
  • Understanding client and community concerns: how can shared value be created?
  • The importance of financial inclusion and how it can be expedited.

These and many other issues were discussed at length during the debate and a degree of consensus was reached by the end of the event.

The full transcript of this meeting will be published in the coming weeks on this website.


Victor Toldeo
Founding Partner
Abako Partners

Eric Parrado
Superintendent (at time of event)
Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions

Eduardo Ebensperger
Chief Executive Officer
Banco de Chile

Eugenio von Chrismar
Chief Executive Officer 
Banco de Crédito e Inversiones (Bci)

Mario Chamorro
Chief Executive Officer
Banco Internacional

Benoit de Grave
Chief Executive Officer 
Banco Falabella Chile

Jessica López
Vice President (at time of event)

Diego Pleszowski
Financial Services Managing Partner for LatAm South 

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