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Enhancing Sustainable Property Development

Sunway Iskandar is creating a strategic vision for the future of Iskandar Malaysia, implementing an integrated sustainability framework as well as a number of innovative sustainability strategies.

A master community developer

Malaysian corporation Sunway Group is a key player driving sustainable development in the country’s property construction industry. Sunway Group’s approach to sustainability is underscored by its core values of integrity, humility and excellence, and is supported by policies and procedures at both the group and subsidiary levels. Sunway Property, a division of Sunway Group, has successfully applied this approach to Malaysia’s property sector. Since its inception, the company has remained committed to operating responsibly and with transparency, as clearly evidenced by its sustainability framework and overall mission of creating cohesive and enduring value for all stakeholders, including local communities.

The successful division has vast experience in managing and developing innovative and quality residential and non-residential properties, which include retail, leisure, healthcare, hospitality and commercial assets. The company maintains an enviable portfolio of successful and internationally acclaimed projects and properties in Malaysia and abroad in countries including China, India, Cambodia and Singapore.

Its commitment to building world-class infrastructure in Malaysia has helped transform the country into one of the leading economies in the region. These efforts are bolstered by the company’s pledge to motivate social development in Malaysia, placing special focus on improving education and healthcare in its integrated townships and in the country. Sunway Property has created three value-generating hubs in Malaysia that span approximately 4,000 acres. These integrated townships are transforming the way people live and providing healthy, connected and sustainable environments.

Sunway Property’s status as a master developer is solidified by its high-growth property development segment and stable base of income from its high-yielding property investment segment. Furthermore, the company has been recognised for its numerous contributions to the property development sector as well as its inclusion of sustainability principles in its projects, receiving honors such as The Edge-PAM Green Excellence 2014 award and the BCI Asia 2015 Top 10 Developer award.

Effective environmental management is ingrained in the company’s corporate values. As a multi-industry company, Sunway Property plays an integral role in the development of a sustainable, low-carbon economy. To this end, Sunway Property remains deeply committed to protecting and preserving the natural ecosystem as it promotes a world-class lifestyle through its many offerings. This culture of environmental stewardship necessitates operating in a manner that complies with governmental standards while ensuring the protection of both employees and surrounding local communities.



Sunway Iskandar

Sunway Property has taken a leadership role in advancing the development of the Malaysian economy, and its approach toward promoting sustainability in the economic corridor Iskandar Malaysia is no different. Sunway Iskandar, located in the heart of Iskandar Malaysia, is the property developer’s largest integrated city to date. The 1,800-acre development boasts world-class architectural design in a natural, diverse setting featuring eco parks, bodies of water and a tropical rainforest.

In early 2016 the company unveiled its first landed residential development, Emerald Residence. Located in the Lakeview precinct, the development is situated next to 20-acre Emerald Lake Garden, one of the integrated township’s many natural features. Additionally, Sunway Iskandar will offer a number of transport options to residents working in Iskandar Malaysia and nearby Singapore.

Based on the group’s sustainability framework, the master plan for Sunway Iskandar maps the development of the integrated township that includes a range of residential and retail spaces, as well as an education park, medical park and eco-theme park. The company’s long-term goal of building an education hub is gradually being realised, with the commencement of the Sunway International School in January 2017.

Throughout the development of Iskandar Malaysia, special emphasis has been placed on the expansion of a green economy with increased investment in environmental assets, green technologies and green production. To this end, Sunway has designed its master plan as a roadmap for sustainable development in the region and to serve as a prototype for future integrated township projects.

The master plan emphasises so-called green thinking, which is based on Sunway Property’s seven key urban design principles. These include assimilating the surrounding environment and context into the master plan; designing an integrated, mixed-use community; offering a variety of quality, open public spaces to residents and visitors; easing movement within the development and improving connectivity; creating a green and sustainable community; focusing on a strong vision and identity for the space; and finally, developing a flexible and adaptable master plan.

In the long term, Sunway Iskandar seeks to add value to surrounding developments by maximising the natural assets of its sites and capitalising on the existing topography. In line with Iskandar Malaysia’s development strategy of optimising land use, promoting a low-carbon environment and ensuring spatial justice, Sunway Iskandar plans to develop only 1,000 acres out of its 1,800-acre land bank, supporting the development of a green economy in the Iskandar Malaysia region. The master developer is further promoting a green focused agenda via its commitment and strict adherence to the BCA Green Mark guidelines in all of its developments.


A value contributor

Sunway Iskandar offers both Malaysians and foreigners alike access to a lifestyle combining luxury living with a spacious and tranquil green setting. The world-class integrated city positioned in a natural setting comprises six distinct precincts: The Lakeview, The Capital, The Marketplace, The Parkview, The Seafront and The Riverside. Each precinct offers a unique and diverse setting, from peaceful ocean views to bustling commercial zones. The Capital and The Marketplace sit at the epicenter of Sunway Iskandar and serve as the two main centres for the range of lifestyle, business, retail and community activities in the city. The development plans incorporate a wide variety of housing offerings, including low-rise villas, row houses, boutique condominiums and high-rise apartments.



Sunway Iskandar’s master plan was developed to bring people closer to their environment while protecting and preserving the region’s natural reserves. As such, River Park was placed at the centre of the project, bordering the majestic 7-kilometre Pendas River. The development offers both residents and visitors a range of open spaces, access to an ample landscape as well as numerous recreation spaces.

The Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) has placed great emphasis on preserving the natural and man-made resources of the region, as it evolves the strategically located Iskandar Malaysia into a Strong and Sustainable Metropolis of International Standing by 2025. As a result, the Iskandar Malaysia Comprehensive Development Plan ii 2014-2025 (CDPii) has incorporated five strategic thrusts to promote sustainability and efficient resource-use in the region: balanced regional growth, the protection and enhancement of natural ecology and green areas, the planning and management of the built environment, urban connectivity and mobility within the region, and the promotion of integrated infrastructure resources.

Sunway Iskandar has aligned its Sustainable Energy Strategy with these strategic thrusts, placing significant focus on the optimisation of resources and low-carbon development. To this end, it is implementing nine key sustainability-focused strategies in the construction of the development. These include the use of specialised day lighting that increases the penetration of natural light; sustainable construction processes that encourage the use of recycled materials; friendly transport development to integrate cycling and walking facilities and encourage alternate forms of transport; automated faucets, low-flush urinals and dual flush toilets that improve water management and conservation; a wetland treatment system to treat wastewater on site and disperse the purified water into the surrounding soil; the use of low-VOC paint, adhesives and sealants to reduce potentially hazardous emissions; the installation of deep roof overhangs to conserve energy by lowering road surface and building temperatures; water reflective PVC roofs that reduce heating; and bioswales to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water.

Sunway Property’s incorporation of these strategies in the master plan support the development of Sunway Iskandar as a well-designed, safe and secure township that enhances, and is enhanced by, its surrounding environment. These efforts are bolstered by the company’s collective expertise in sustainable development, as evidenced by projects such as Sunway Resort City, a certified sustainable township. Investment in such initiatives ensures that Sunway Iskandar’s developments comply with Green Building Initiative (GBI) standards, creating a sustainable township that meets the diverse requirements of its residents and visitors. Moreover, the company’s development strategy accommodates evolving community needs, and its build-own operate (BOO) business model has positioned Sunway Iskandar as a high-value contributor to the region.


A strategic vision

Sunway Property seeks to draw a strategic vision for Malaysian property development that will define the industry of the future. The master developer is working hand-in-hand with communities, on a global, local and national level, to address evolving challenges and to create a better future for generations to come. While sustainability and social advancement are not traditionally associated with property development, Sunway Property takes special care to incorporate these core values into its undertakings. It has thus maintained a strong commitment to combating climate change as well as ensuring inclusivity as Malaysia’s economy develops. In support of these efforts, Sunway Property is investing in research and development and improving access to education as well as research facilities to drive progress and innovation for the next generation of Malaysians.

Sunway Property envisions a sustainable future for Malaysians in which they are able to realise their dreams, learn without limits, remain healthy in mind and body and connect to one another. Its philosophy of sustainability extends far beyond increasing green spaces in urban areas. Rather, it involves the creation of an integrated environment focused on providing for the needs of its citizens and supporting the realisation of their aspirations.

As a fully-fledged Malaysian company, Sunway Property has pledged its support, commitment and dedication to helping Malaysia achieve its goal of reaching the status of an advanced nation that is both inclusive and sustainable by 2020. In furtherance of this objective, the vision for Sunway Iskandar, nature’s capital city, is a place where contemporary meets timeless, sophistication meets simplicity, and where the city meets nature.


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