About Us

International Investor: the business of strategic development and communication

International Investor supports strategic industry development and supplies public and private sector decision makers with their business intelligence.

  • We facilitate better cooperation and collaboration between leaders from the public and private sector on strategic planning to improve industry competitiveness and the business environment.
  • We provide government policy makers, business leaders and investors with the intelligence, knowledge and insights they need to support their decision making.
  • We connect businesses and communicate opportunities globally with potential partners and investors to attract new business and capital.

Central to our service provision is our Strategic Review platform, which brings together leading business and government stakeholders to productively work with each other on setting and executing sustainable development strategies; with our corresponding strategic business intelligence and research reports providing industry-wide developmental direction and support for local policy makers and business leaders, and international decision makers with unique insight into the thoughts of those driving the markets we cover.

We have a strong global track record, working with business communities in areas such as government and national development, special economic zones and regional development, responsible finance, transport and logistics, Islamic finance, oil and gas, green energy, health and wellness, and SME development.

We also have many distribution channels and a global database of over 100,000 government and business decision makers to communicate findings and material approved by industry working groups for local, regional and global strategic communications. Raising awareness of industry developments and opportunities with potential partners, investors and customers to influence their opinion and support decisions that benefit our clients.

International Investor’s role and value proposition covers connecting business decision makers, facilitating better public-private cooperation, industry goal setting and planning, and strategic communication with clients and investors.

For more information on how International Investor can support your business or industry goals, email us today at info@internationalinvestor.com